*** New for 2016 - we aquired two Alice PSG systems and can offer full service remote studies ***

Off-site scoring, quality control and much more for sleep labs of all sizes.
Well established hospital labs and single employee startups can all realize tremendous benefits including:

- Reduce or eliminate the daystaff
- Dramatically reduce overhead
- Save money overall
- Increase free time and free space at the lab

- Accurate and easy to read reports increasing physician satisfaction
- 3rd party quality control
- Confidential employee performance evaluations (if requested)
- Technical/medical advice during aquisition (most nights)


PLUS we offer scoring with medical impression, which means your lab can bill global (not just technical) and pay us a simple pre-set per-patient fee. With this you realize all the benefits of our scoring PLUS:

- Bill global and pay a set fee- even when your reimbursement is higher.
- Eliminate the need for a 'reading' doctor
- Eliminate dictation/transcription expenses
- Eliminate a 'reader' station computer
- see more benefits and details HERE

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