Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can pay-per-study outsourcing be the solution for my lab?
A: Absolutely. Consider how much you spend on not only slary for the scoring but incidental costs, unemployment insurance, workman's comp insurance, utilities, benefits, etc, etc. Take a look at a recent article in Advance for Respiratory Care & Sleep Medicine magazine HERE.

Q: What is included in your basic scoring service?

A: Our scoring includes staging, scoring, technical report customized to your specifications plus a narrative-type report that closely mirrors what you might find as part of a typical medical impression. We also go above and beyond typical scoring service to offer personal assistance (most nights) to your night staff for equipment or artifact issues as well as a 'second opinion' on difficult or unusual psgs or cpap titrations.

Q: Do we need to keep/find our sleep doctor?
A: With our basic scoring, yes. But with our full service you'd have no need for a sleep specialist, scoring and reading computers, dictation, transcription or anything other than your night tech and the raw study data. This is especially helpful for new or prospective labs. All you'd need is a patient, sleep system, night tech and a fax machine!

Q: Do you work with our nighttime sleep techs?
A: We are available most nights as late as 4am for consultation with your night staff. This can eliminate many late night calls to the lab manager and/or medical staff.

Q: How does remote scoring work?
A: Simple. Your tech uploads the raw study typically during morning cleanup and the reports are faxed back to lab. With our full service the technical reports and physician interpretation are faxed (or emailed) back to the lab.

Q: What is the turnaround time?
A: This depends on your needs. Many labs require the week's studies back by the following monday morning, but 24-72hr turnaround is not a problem. For patients with specific needs or next-day follow-ups we're able to return a study within hours.

Q: How does SLS add levels of quality to our lab?
A: A high quality study benefits everyone so we work closely with your staff to eliminate artifact and troubleshoot technical issues as well as offer live help during difficult psgs or titrations. Upon request we're happy to offer a review of staff. Often it's difficult for a manager or medical director to form these opinions, but a skilled scoring RPSGT can recognize excellence (or lack thereof) in your nighttime technicians.

Q: How do we get started?
A: Just go to our contact page and send us an email, we'll get back to you quickly and can answer any/all questions you may have. If you use Respironics Alice Sleepware, we'd be able to score studies within minutes of your initial contact. For other systems, we'd just need a few days to aquire, install and familiarize ourselves with your software (they are all very similar).