Sleep PSG studies done by human PSG techs
Manual scoring by Registered PSG Technologists
'Bargain' scoring comes at a price. Most sleep systems come with scoring software (the computer will score the study), the problem is that the software does a suprisingly horrible job with nearly everything wrong. Some remote scoring businesses like ours let the computer score the study and this is just plain criminal. All our studies are scored by a Registered Polysomnographic Technologist (RPSGT) with years of experience and meticulous epoch-by-epoch attention to detail.
Sleep lab costs can stack up quickly - not with Sleep Lab Services
Sleep labs of every size realize the benefits
Let SLS work for you in a variety of ways- we can be the 'daytime staff' of your 2 bed lab eliminating the need for a 'scoring' tech. Or use us as a backup for your lab if studies get backed-up or your techs call in sick! Even for large hospital-based labs, there is a clear advantage to paying a low flat fee for quality scoring as opposed to 'value' low quality service or the expense of an in-house tech (salary, benefits, unemployment, taxes, utilities, etc...). Read a recent article on this topic here.
Custom-formatted to your specifications
Custom reporting tailored to your needs
In addition to the raw data report generated by the PSG software, SLS provides a summary that is custom designed to your lab or MD's specifications. This can save the physician an enormous amount of time, instead of searching through a 20 or 30 page report for data, we'll summarize it in a way that closely mirrors the physician interpretation or dictation format. If you don't have a specialist for interpretations, we can provide 'full service' with a boarded sleep physician.
Fast and efficient ftp transfer of files Internet based HIPAA compliant transfer
FedEx, UPS and the USPS are costly and time consuming, eating into lab profits and causing unneccessary delays. SLS eliminates this by transferring the files to our HIPAA compliant web server using a simple ftp program (high-speed access required). We'll walk through the setup with you on the phone and have it setup and running in minutes. Note: we currently use Alice5, if you're using a different software, we'd require the installation CDs that came with your system.
Remote File Archiving
We retain reundundant copies of studies and reports on both a computer harddrive and DVD. In the event of a major catstrophe like fire or flood at your lab, we would send all your studies (w/data, scoring report and medical reports) to you free of charge. If a file gets misplaced at your lab- no problem, we have it!

Additional Included Benefits
Add a level of third-party quality control to your lab
Artifact, sensor problems or hookup issues are usually clear to see in a tracing and we can typically deduce the issue, or at least help to diagnose it. With us on your team you gain an RPSGT who brings another perspective and set of problem solving skills.

Supplemental Technical Support
We're happy to offer troubleshooting ideas and work closely with your night staff during the study- even late at night!
Of course we can't replace tech support for your PSG system, but for patient interface issues or for general RPSGT issues, we're happy to help. Especially labs with just one tech working at night, two heads are better than one and we are typically available until at least 3 or 4am for the occasional 'mystery artifact' or other unresolvable issue.

Available Medical Interpretation
We offer 'full service' with medical 'interp' from a
sleep boarded neurologist. So your lab can bill globally and pay us a simple pre-set per-patient fee (average is $200 depending on your system/volume etc). Imagine no salary and benefits for a scoring staff, no physician issues and simple bill-global and pay-per study ease! See Details

Excellent scoring and reporting makes for happy interpreting doctors, increased word-of-mouth and physician referral business and most importantly- great patient care.