SLS offers three 'packages'. The first is scoring and reporting (includes all of our benefits).
The second adds the physician interpretation to our scoring services. And the
third provides both and adds a technologist and complete Alice sleep systems.

Staging, Event Scoring and Custom Reporting (~50-60 est.)
Because of the time and personalized care we provide to each study, we can't offer bargain-basement scoring. Every study epoch and event is methodically scored by a Registered PSG Technologist (RPSGT) and nothing is left to the computer (PC scoring is unacceptable). Our fees vary based on your sleep system, volume, turn-around time etc, but range $45 to $75 for PSG or CPAP. This includes sleep staging, event scoring to include Arousal Index, Leg Movements/PLMS and index, Respiratory Events and AHI, any EKG issues, patient info and history, tech notes and summary in a customized report. Just ask for a sample!

In order to keep quality high, we don't accept more work than we can handle, or accept persistant low quality studies (frequent problems with bad artifacts, loose leads, insufficient patient information, etc.). This can add a level of third-party quality control to your lab! We are happy to offer troubleshooting ideas and work closely with your technologists.

Excellent scoring and reporting makes for happy interpreting doctors, increased word-of-mouth and physician referral business and most importantly- great patient care.

Medical Interpretations
(~$200 est. complete w/scoring)
"Interps" are strictly provided by physicians, we have a sleep boarded neurologist willing to work daily with the right lab (high quality, good tech notes, pt histories, etc) What does this mean for you? Your lab can bill globally and pay us a simple pre-set per-patient fee (average is $200 depending on your system etc). This can mean no day staff required, the night tech can end the study and upload it to us while they are doing morning tasks (takes a few seconds to intiate then 30-40min with hi-speed access). A few days later, you have the final specialist medical mpression for the primary physician. Imagine no salary and benefits for a scoring staff, no physician issues and simple bill-global and pay-per study ease!

*New for 2016* Complete Aquisitions (~$600 est. complete w/scoring)
We own two Alice PSG systems that can be temporarily installed in your location. It would include scoring and can include interpretation if desired. Please be aware Medicare/Medicaid studies require interpretation by a sleep specialist and there may be other issues depending on if your facility is Accredited or not. A technologist can be provided, full aquisition, scoring, reporting and possibly interpretation. Contact us for details and we can give you a quote and some specifics/logistics to see if we can provide what you need.